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Email Signatures and Marketing.

Anurag Kumar
April 30th, 2019 · 2 min read

Not everyone is a fan of mass marketing. Customers have somewhat developed a dislike for mass marketing emails. For instance, emails which are too generic or do not really connect with them. Customers feel more impressed and attached to a brand which interacts with them personally. Gaining marketing benefits with personalised emails is however a challenge. This challenge led us to explore the world of Email Signatures. Email signatures have been by far the most under-rated and ignored asset of an email. This article hopes to explain the importance of Email Signatures and how they can be used as an effective channel for marketing.

Importance of Email Signatures

Email Signatures are very useful and an effective means of marketing channel. A marketing channel you already own. They have existed for centuries now, if they weren’t useful it would not exist, right? Remember Orkut? Yes, Google shut it down. Email Signatures exist because emails do.

No matter how many social media platforms are created, Email will always remain the base foundation for every marketing campaign. This is because Emails are the most reliable and preferred channel for business communications. It is estimated that over 269 billion emails are sent and received each day. In their Email Statistics Report, Radicati says: On an average 96 business email were handled by an average worker every day. In another study done by Sigstr, where they conducted eye-tracking analysis and tests around dozens of different email signature examples, they found out that emails with branded signatures ( and a call to action) generated significant traction and recipient engagement with the signature area was high. Email Signatures are here to stay as long as email does.

Emails signature

How Email Signatures are useful ?

Signatures are part of the emails which is a 1:1 interaction between you and your recipient. On social media you share/create content for your followers on a large scale. With email you are not producing content for mass. Your email gets undivided attention from your recipient. This is where the Signatures comes into picture. You can use your signature to interact with your contact, prospects and customers on a daily basis. You know exactly who is going to read the email and in what context. Your audience is already segmented, you just need the right message to be delivered to them. Curatemails gives you more than just the ability to create Email Signatures. It gives you features like creating campaigns along with your signatures.

You can use these campaigns to promote your online assets such as Blogs, Products, Ebooks, Newsletter etc and drive traffic. Campaigns are useless unless they are measured. Curatemails has that covered as well. Curatemails gives you analytics on all campaigns in terms of impressions and clicks. What’s better you can compare difference campaigns as well, who performed well and who didn’t.

Email Signatures can boost your marketing and brand outreach potential. Your signatures appears with your valued message. You already have a relationship with your contact, they want to read your message. In marketing terms you can always guarantee one impression per campaign sent. Marketing with Email Signatures helps you create value with your email message while leaving the CTA(Call to action) to the signature. Curatemails with its interactive signatures not only helps you build brand consistency, boost sales and build trust with customers but also helps you measure your progress. It is important that you keep tracking your campaign’s performance and keep improving them. Underestimating Email Signatures and it’s importance is what we have already done. It is time that we learn to use Email Signatures effectively and make the best out of them.

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