What should your Email Signature contain?

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We have all known the basic function of an Email signature to provide basic contact details. However, email signatures can have more than one purpose. If used right, it can be a great tool to promote your brand and to boost your sales. Unlike social media marketing or digital marketing, with email signature you already have a targeted audience. It is only about optimizing the resource. 

So what should an email signature ideally be like?

We have listed down a few of the many assets that you can add to your email signature to get out most of an email signature:

Your website address

By including your personal/ company’s website in your email signature, it helps to expand awareness of your brand. Additionally, it also helps to draw the visitor’s attention to explore more products/ services apart from what is being discussed. 

Before you add your website address, make sure that your landing page has such assets which can direct the visitor’s attention to the activity you want them to take. For example, if you are rolling out a new service, your landing page should contain call-to-actions to register for such new service or to try a demo. Including your website link in the email signature will also drive potential business partners or customers to find out more about you without having to Google your website.

Your Social media presence

social media in email signature

You can incorporate your social media profiles to your email signature to show your social media presence to your contacts. Linking social media profiles helps you build trust for your brand. It will also reflect your engagement with the audience. 

Your address


Whether you send a private or an official email, the recipient should always have more than one way to connect with you or get back in touch with you. Providing an official address in your email signature helps. Your official address or your company’s address will also aid to convince the other side that you are a professional individual or an established business.



The logo of your business is a crucial element in creating brand awareness. Additionally, it also leaves an impression on the recipient about you caring about your brand’s public presentation.  Logos not only help businesses to build a better visibility but also helps to establish credibility amongst the target audience by creating a distinctive identity.


add display picture

Adding display picture is also a great way in building trust with your customers. Besides, it also gives a human touch to your email. 


In addition to the above, having a campaign tagged to your email signature can help you immensely to boost your business and marketing goals. A campaign can essentially be used as a signature marketing tool to increase sales, promote services/products or even grow followers.

campaigns template

We have discussed below the various types of campaigns that can be employed to improve your marketing goals:


rich previews in email signature

Sharing fresh contents of your blog page with your recipients is one of the smartest ways to keep your users updated. Providing rich previews to your blogpost along with CTA’s will encourage the recipient to take the next step and become a lead. Using our email signature tool, you can not only hyperlink to your blog but also provide rich previews with CTA’s so that the recipients can click into your blog straight from the email.



You can create promotional banners to promote your company, products/ services. Having a prior relationship with every email recipient gives you the advantage of already knowing what you plan to discuss with them. You can create your banners in line with your message content. When you design a banner, make sure they are within the recommended (600*900px) size. With Curatemails however, you wouldn’t have to worry as any oversized banner will get automatically resized without distorting the image.

E-Books/ Case study

promote e books in email signature

If you have written an e-book and want to promote it amongst your target audience, you can either provide a URL link with rich previews or also create a banner. Your banner will include the URL link of your e-book. Don’t forget to include calls-to-action. Similarly success stories of your business can also be shared via case studies incorporated in a banner or through rich previews.  

Seminars/ Conferences

If you have an event coming up, showcase it on your email signature in a banner. Provide call-to-actions like, “Limited Seats”, “Last date of registration”, “Only two spots left” etc. to get through your target audience.  


measure analytics

Lastly, don’t forget to measure how your campaigns are doing. Keep tracking analytics of your campaigns and keep updating them. Improvise your campaigns in accordance to the analytics. With Curatemails analytics feature, you can view overall impressions and clicks to your campaigns and measure ROI. Sign up with Curatemails now to try it for free.


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