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Curatemails is a platform built on top of Email Signatures. It gives a user the ability to drive traffic from their email contacts, targeting them with relevant banners generated from our dashboards.

As a company, Curatemails is focused on harnessing email signatures to drive more traffic to your online assets. By online assets we mean any asset available online including websites, blogs, ebooks, web applications, mobile applications, e-store, podcasts etc. We want to make the process of creating email signatures as simple as drag and drop. Even an ordinary user with no technical knowledge will be able to use our platform.

using email signatures to drive traffic

The existing email signature marketing platform are full of technical jargons and crappy user interface. We believe we can change that.

Who are we?

We are Anurag and Priyanka, couple of independent founders from Bangalore, India.

We create products that impact people in real life, either their business or standard of living. We are driven by the desire to change the world, one product at a time. We are building Curatemails independently without any outside funding or support.

anurag and priyanka Drive Traffic through Email Signatures with curatemails
Anurag & Priyanka

We are two passionate creators who strive to bring Curatemails to the world and have fun doing it. Together we have over 10 years of experience of working with corporates & startups. With all the knowledge behind us, we desire to make Curatemails better for our users.

Why we do What we do?

At Curatemails we are trying to educate people about the amazing benefits of using email signatures. We use emails to communicate with our contacts, multiple times during the day but neglect the use and importance of email signatures. Email Signatures are simple yet powerful channel to drive traffic to your online assets. If you have any online asset then we believe you can promote it using Curatemails. We are trying to make that simple and effective for online users.


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